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Are you looking for an apartment or house for rent in Laurel, Florida? Are you getting tired of other renters keeping you up at night, waking your children late at night, or domestic disputes that somehow put you in the middle of an argument about problems that don’t concern you? These are only a few of the problems that people who rent their homes have to deal with regularly.

The good news is that there’s a better way! Rent-to-Own homes in Laurel FL are harder to find, but worth it for those who don’t want other people living above or below them. Besides the additional space both indoors and outdoors, the real benefit of a rent to own home comes in the peace and tranquility of being able to unplug and just listen to the sound of silence. To be able to discuss private matters in your life and actually have them remain private.

My Lady Bug Rent-to-Own Homes works with real estate agents all over the United States to bring you homes that the owners would possibly be willing to consider selling on land contract or some other rent-to-own terms used in Florida real estate contracts. Florida state law will dictate the verbiage for rent to own home sales in Laurel, and in Sarasota county.

What is a Rent-to-Own Land Contract Home Sale?

In most states the legal meaning of a land contract sale is that a portion of the rent you pay every month goes toward the down-payment required by the bank to buy the home. This part is unique for every rent-to-own home and seller because of the value of the home, and the length of time the seller is willing to wait for their money.

For example, say your house rent in Laurel is $850.00 and the seller agrees to put $300.00 of that in escrow for 5 years (this can change from contract to contract). At the end of that time, you will have $18,000.00 in escrow towards your down payment for the house! That’s a lot of money, but there’s a catch as you might have guessed. If you’re late on any payments, the seller reserves the right to void the land contract and keep the money you have in escrow. This is to add incentive for making your payments on-time as agreed, and to ensure you aren’t wasting the generous seller’s time. Remember, he made all his payments on time, and that’s how he became the owner. He will expect the same of you in return.

Rent-to-Own Homes in Laurel Save Your Equity

Nobody like to waste their money, right? Every month you spend your rent money with a landlord, you’re helping him to build equity in a home you will never own. This is just one way you can voluntarily give away your wealth to someone else without realizing you have other options. If you are patient and persevere in shopping for your new home to rent, the right rent-to-own home will probably find you.

Just add up the number of months you have been paying rent for an apartment, and multiply that number by the amount you pay in rent. I doesn’t take long and the numbers become huge! However, most renters think they have no other option. They don’t even try to find homes for rent, with an option to buy after a set time period. Is it worth some extra time and effort to land a home you own instead of another rental unit?

Renting Your Way to Financial Freedom

It’s not a problem that you don’t have $10,000.00 to put down on a loan for your next house. There are many homes for sale on land contract in Florida, and there’s no doubt a few in Laurel, but you need to start looking for them and not just apartments and condos. If you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll always get the wrong answers.

As long as you aren’t shopping for a new house to rent because you got evicted from your last apartment or rental unit, you have an excellent chance of making rent-to-own home ownership a reality. Stop throwing away the cash for your biggest expense every month, and start shopping for a rent-to-own home in Laurel with My Lady Bug Homes!

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